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The VTR™ concept (point of origin)

The Concept. During my training in acro, since 2006, I have been thinking of ways to learn faster and safer. The idea came in spring 2009 as I was unsuccessfully  struggling to get the right timings for Rhythmic SAT. Everybody was telling me “pull later”, “pull earlier”, etc, but how to tell on which timing [...]

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XC Magazine

  So, we were in XC magazine. Thanx to Andy Pag, we are now officially famous (smug). View PDF file following this link: VTR 1000 featured in XCMAG

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Automatized Acro & SIV Courses

I am organizing COURSES on a completely new training / progression technique, using several VTR 1003 models, in Nepal and Gerlitzen, Austria. Contact me for details via metagliding! Let’s rock the skies!