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AFPD Bag ( Aircraft Freefall Parachute D-bag ) WORLD PREMIERE

  The whole idea about this project was to get an ACRO PARAGLIDER pilot airborne in places where the usual mountain launch is unavailable. As opposed to Helicopter Drop, the most used one at the moment, the AFPD bag technique offers the following major advantages: 1. It is CHEAPER  + 2. It is widely available [...]

We gave a presentation of our project at Garmin DDays in Cluj-Napoca, on 9th July 2013. Please click HERE to view the presentation.

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Hello everybody! Today I was with Vincent on the mountain, to do some “water action”. He told me he had seen the Tandem helicopter video I have posted some time ago, and because he wants to perform nice Helicopters with passengers as well, he asked me for a bit of support. Soooo, today we set [...]

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We are on Wired

We are on Wired:

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AGAT (Acro Graphic Analysis Tool)

VTR™ 1000 and VTR™ 1003 Automatic devices are logging in-flight sensors data on their internal SD card. This data can be download on the PC and via USB and – together with the video from the on board camera – can be visualized with a nifty piece of PC software we created, called AGAT (Acro [...]

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Sat and Looping by machine

I would like to present you the first commercial student of the VTR™ 1000 automatic: Dean Eldridge. He came to Pokhara in the end of 2012, seeking to improve his skills in paragliding acro. He is primarily a paramotor pilot, flying a Paramania GTX reflex-profile prototype, and he wanted to learn a couple of tricks [...]

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Infinity Tumbling by Machine

Henceforth we shall present the video of the “First Rhythmic sat to Infinite Tumbling ever performed by a machine with the help of a human” The machine is the VTR™ 1000 automatic. The human is Calin Popa (me ). I have started my training with the VTR™  on the 19th of July 2012. We had [...]

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Tandem Aerobatics Reloaded

Tandem Aerobatics Reloaded Two years have passed since I began the Tandem Aerobatics Project ! 1013 tandem flights recorded. And these, these are the numbers of this statistical study of mine: Out of all these flights, 78 % were acro flights(SAT or looping at least: – 65 % were top-level aerobatic ( hellie & connections [...]

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The VTR™ 1003 automatic explained!

The possibilities of this device, the VTR™ 1003 automatic, are vast. Covering a wide display of technical fields (physics, electronic engineering, programming, logic algorithms, reflexology, statistical behavior and top sports performance), it allows us to discover never before seen patterns, create correlations and dwell deep into the mechanic parameters of aerobatic paragliding flight! Guided performance, [...]

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The VTR™ concept (point of origin)

The Concept. During my training in acro, since 2006, I have been thinking of ways to learn faster and safer. The idea came in spring 2009 as I was unsuccessfully  struggling to get the right timings for Rhythmic SAT. Everybody was telling me “pull later”, “pull earlier”, etc, but how to tell on which timing [...]

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XC Magazine

  So, we were in XC magazine. Thanx to Andy Pag, we are now officially famous (smug). View PDF file following this link: VTR 1000 featured in XCMAG

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Automatized Acro & SIV Courses

I am organizing COURSES on a completely new training / progression technique, using several VTR 1003 models, in Nepal and Gerlitzen, Austria. Contact me for details via metagliding! Let’s rock the skies!

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Infinity Tumbling Balerina

With the help of the VTR 1000, I have discovered a new acro maneuver! The ever turning infinite tumbling. The “Balerina” ! By making massive corrections in Infinity, on a different rhythm, it is possible to change the tumble plane by rotating it around a vertical axis ( like tumbling on consequent meridians, defined on [...]

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Double Esfera

The ULTIMATE aerobatic maneuver. BUT – this is just the cherry on the cake. The cake – the V.T.R. 1000. The first automatic aerobatics teacher and real-time assistant. Following its instructions (audio signals during performing) that we have programed I have learned Rhythmic (L+R), Infinity Tumbling, and this, Esfera. And all this detailed in the [...]

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Metagliding Himalaya

Special tandem flight with regular customer in the Thorung-La Pass, Annapurna Himalayan range. Date 21-22 05 2012. Take-off 5000 m, max alt 6000 m (cloudbase), landing 4100 m ASL. Flight duration 1 hour. We have flown the next day as well, take-off 5300m, max alt. 5300 m, duration 1 hour, landing 3700 m ASL. Metagliding [...]

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Tandem Aerobatics Project

Once upon a time, in Carinthia, Austria, I decided to stop civil engineering, and get full commercial on Tandem Paragliding. So later on, in 2010, I went to Nepal, to live & fly there. Now there was a glitch. For, you see, in my travels thru the world flying acro, I have met many bored-to-death [...]

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VTR™ presentation 2011

An older presentation of our robot….                    the Voodoo Training Robot

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VTR 1000 meets Pal Takats !

The backbone of understanding and programming Rhythmic to Infinite on the VTR1000 automatic were the synched motion recordings done with Acro Champion Pal Takats, in Oludeniz, Turkey. There, in may 2011, he performed most aerobatic maneuvers at optimal execution parameters, and so we gathered essential data to program the unit to identify automatically the perfect [...]

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Tandem Helicopter

Following up my rule of training on the tandem, in March 2011, I came to perform nice and safe wing-overs, SAT’s and loopings. Still there was one more essential step to take: the ellusive Helicopter. Notorious amongst tandem acro maneuvers, the helicopter is regarded as “dangerous and unpredictable” because of the high risk of shoot [...]