Tandem Aerobatics
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Hello everybody! Today I was with Vincent on the mountain, to do some “water action”. He told me he had seen the Tandem helicopter video I have posted some time ago, and because he wants to perform nice Helicopters with passengers as well, he asked me for a bit of support. Soooo, today we set [...]

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Tandem Aerobatics Reloaded

Tandem Aerobatics Reloaded Two years have passed since I began the Tandem Aerobatics Project ! 1013 tandem flights recorded. And these, these are the numbers of this statistical study of mine: Out of all these flights, 78 % were acro flights(SAT or looping at least: – 65 % were top-level aerobatic ( hellie & connections [...]

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Tandem Aerobatics Project

Once upon a time, in Carinthia, Austria, I decided to stop civil engineering, and get full commercial on Tandem Paragliding. So later on, in 2010, I went to Nepal, to live & fly there. Now there was a glitch. For, you see, in my travels thru the world flying acro, I have met many bored-to-death [...]

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Tandem Helicopter

Following up my rule of training on the tandem, in March 2011, I came to perform nice and safe wing-overs, SAT’s and loopings. Still there was one more essential step to take: the ellusive Helicopter. Notorious amongst tandem acro maneuvers, the helicopter is regarded as “dangerous and unpredictable” because of the high risk of shoot [...]