Acro innovations
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AFPD Bag ( Aircraft Freefall Parachute D-bag ) WORLD PREMIERE

  The whole idea about this project was to get an ACRO PARAGLIDER pilot airborne in places where the usual mountain launch is unavailable. As opposed to Helicopter Drop, the most used one at the moment, the AFPD bag technique offers the following major advantages: 1. It is CHEAPER  + 2. It is widely available [...]

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Infinity Tumbling Balerina

With the help of the VTR 1000, I have discovered a new acro maneuver! The ever turning infinite tumbling. The “Balerina” ! By making massive corrections in Infinity, on a different rhythm, it is possible to change the tumble plane by rotating it around a vertical axis ( like tumbling on consequent meridians, defined on [...]