Metagliding. Yes. Meta means beyond. Para means opposed to, against. Metagliding, like in metamorphosis or metaphor. The under-verse of paragliding were passion takes form.

There is a logical explanation for all awesome things that people do. And that is why I show you my work, to expose the under-layer of reason for all my pioneering, performance and research in paragliding. The meta aspect of motivation, driven by feeling and judgement as one.

There have been many many reasons to fly. But rather than recollecting them all I will say one thing: “I fly because I can”. All the rest is particular preference and choice.

So feel free to enjoy along with me, and dwell into this, my underverse of paragliding! Metagliding!

[ Meta-  is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. – (Wikipedia) ]