The whole idea about this project was to get an ACRO PARAGLIDER pilot airborne in places where the usual mountain launch is unavailable. As opposed to Helicopter Drop, the most used one at the moment, the AFPD bag technique offers the following major


1. It is CHEAPER  + 2. It is widely available ( skydivers are everywhere ).  + 3. It has a wide range of deployment ( planes range 100 km easily and cost-less ) + 4. It’s by far more FUN. + 5. It’s much more SPECTACULAR. + 6. It is SAFER for the aircraft and paraglider pilot !!! + 7. It is absolutely LEGAL according to international air law and procedures manuals !!! + 8. It brings skydiving into the ACRO airshow scene, and acro into SKYDIVING airshow scene TOGETHER once again !

setbacks :

1. It is more complex as to procedure key-points. 2. It does involve co-operation with professional tandem skydivers. 3. It brings more stress on the paraglider pilot as to the sequence of events and adrenaline levels…

enjoy the VIDEO of this here Wold Premiere, developed by : Calin Popa, Doru Baciu, Ovidiu Ban , Algirdas Barteska and Oana Oros ! DON”T FORGET TO KEEP TUNED FOR THE PROCEDURE MANUAL FILE ( coming up as soon as I get the time to type it and post it here, only on )