Henceforth we shall present the video of the “First Rhythmic sat to Infinite Tumbling ever performed by a machine with the help of a human”

The machine is the VTR™ 1000 automatic. The human is Calin Popa (me 🙂 ). I have started my training with the VTR™  on the 19th of July 2012. We had to make serious modifications and sustained improvements to the unit’s programming due to unsuspected vibrations in my harness during the Rhythmic. The programming was completed on the 4th of August, when I have performed my first Infinite (12 vertical turns ). After four training flights with the VTR™, I managed to get Rhythmic vertical into infinite on the other side ( left ) as well!

In this video I have mixed the output of the VTR™ ( acoustic and numerical ) with parts of the AGAT™ interface ( the graphs ) plus the video synchronized together. I have displayed the centrifugal G-force graph plus the shoot angular rotation speed, and the markers on the graphs represent the times when the unit was emitting sound. I considered those as being the most relevant parameters for the viewers, however the programming is much more complex and is based on all the data streams of the IMU in correlation.

I can sincerely state that not only have I progressed extremely fast, in the correct technique ( helped by the exact timings given by the VTR™ ), but I had felt MUCH SAFER too, not hesitating at all on the timing and thus being able to concentrate on the weightshift, orientation and amount of brake effect.

I would like to underline that the machine DOES NOT TAKE ATTENTION OF THE USER. Once the user gets familiar with the sound, he does not need to focus on the meaning of the sound, as he reacts from a simple acoustic conditional reflex, and thus being able to concentrate on the other parameters of his performance.

Since then we have upgraded the unit to give inputs in VOICE, so the meaning of the commands is obvious, shortening the reflex building time.

Once I had learned to perform the Rhythmic nicely, I did not need the VTR™ anymore, as the correct timing reflex had already been built in my subconscious by the simple act of correct repetition during training !