The possibilities of this device, the VTR™ 1003 automatic, are vast. Covering a wide display of technical fields (physics, electronic engineering, programming, logic algorithms, reflexology, statistical behavior and top sports performance), it allows us to discover never before seen patterns, create correlations and dwell deep into the mechanic parameters of aerobatic paragliding flight! Guided performance, scoring maneuvers, perfect synchronization and online competitions at the push of a button! And all of it live, revolving and spinning in the sky…

VTR™ operating principle:

The VTR™ 1000 automatic operates as follows:

Real-Time assistant function:

1) It synchronizes with video recording(knee GOPRO cam);

2) It MEASURES motion parameters (G-force, rotation, compass, altitude, gps position and breakforce). The frequency of measurement is 30 values/second;

3) It records all data on SD card;

4) It analyses the data as it comes (real-time) thru the MAIN™ assistant program that we have developed, knowing where you are and predicting what the optimal course of action the user should take;

5) It instructs the pilot in voice, thru headphones, on the action he should take(pull, release, weightshift, exit, rescue, etc…) at 0.5 seconds before the optimal timing;

6) After the maneuver, the robot scores it and instructs the pilot on his mistakes, then suggests corrections and improvements;

Post processing analysis function:

After the flight, connected to computer and using the AGAT™ interface program, the user can visualize graphically all the data of his flight, review the inputs the robot had given and observe his own response times, synched with the video recording. Thus can he observe his mistakes, tune-up the next maneuvers and understand much more about his performance.

VTR™ 1003 hardware

The core of VTR™ is an IMU (inertial measurement unit) composed of 3d accelerometer+ 3d gyroscope+ 3d compass. Supplied with barometric sensor, gps unit and SD card to store data. Extra tensile sensors were added to measure brakeline force, and a glider IMU was added as well. All masterminded by an ATMEL processor.

The built-in user interface is a 2-line LCD screen with buttons, where the user selects operating modes and the desired maneuvers.

The output of the unit is audio, using stereo generated robotic tones, combined with pre-recorded voice commands.

Using a LED, synchronisation between the data file and the video(GOPRO cam on the knee) is achieved, with an absolute precision of 0.03 seconds.

The unit is also designed to be waterproof, in a water tight case, and an “electric waterproofing” – an emergency general power switch that cuts out battery current completely, saving sensitive circuits from burnout.