I would like to present you the first commercial student of the VTR™ 1000 automatic: Dean Eldridge. He came to Pokhara in the end of 2012, seeking to improve his skills in paragliding acro. He is primarily a paramotor pilot, flying a Paramania GTX reflex-profile prototype, and he wanted to learn a couple of tricks on his glider, this time without engine.

We’ve met out here, and as he heard of my development on this new concept of teaching he became interested and took up a course. The course consisted of flights under the guiding of the robot, at day-time, without any radio assistance ( I was flying tandems in the meanwhile ) and daily evening briefing for video+data analysis and  fine progression tuning (tweaking the numbers according to his evolution).

All went nice-and-smooth, he learned very fast and consistently, preforming SAT from the very first attempt, in safe conditions, then vertical Looping from Spiral Dive. I was very happy to work with him and thank him for collaborating with me! See you in Gerlitzen in the summer, Deano Mechano!